Our AVID is a non-profit 501c (19) entity. Its membership is open to all Igbo veterans who served in the United States Military; and are Honourably Discharged, as well as Active Duty Personnel with the Reserve Component and National Guard….. READ MORE



Greetings Everyone!

It is my pleasure to present to you American Veterans of Igbo Descent (AVID). Like our name says, we are reputable men and women of Igbo origin, who are serving or have served in the United States military and were honourably discharged. With the privilege and the honor bestowed on us by the United States government to serve in the most powerful military, our experience is second to none and we pride in that.As Igbo people, we are hospitable, industrious, and illustrious; as

Americans, we are powerful, and resilient. We embrace and represent the core values of our cultural and societal identity, equal justice,equity and liberty for all humanity. We stand with the marginalized of our society, lend a voice to the voiceless, as we contribute to the maintenance of peace and unity in the world.As trained soldiers, we do not shy away from our combative skills in seeking to maintain peace and orderliness in the society – we join in the global fight against terrorism in America, Igboland and in the world ; our years of stringent and rigorous military training inscribed on us immeasurable leadership exigencies,such that are needed in a time like this, when the continued existence of our homeland is

aggressively threatened by the inhumane forces. I use this medium to invite all Igbo sons and daughters who are currently serving and those honourably discharged from the US military to come together under the umbrella of AVID, let us lift up the banners of our identity and unity over and above the hegemonic forces against our land, both subtle and aggressive. We have all it takes to make our world a better place for all mankind and we are committed to using our knowledge, experience and training to promote peace, love and unity, which are the core values of Igbo people as well as the United States of America.

Welcome to AVID!
In God We Trust!

Office: AVID P.O. Box 7561, Jacksonville, FL 32238.
Email : . Phone Numbers : 214 727 7762 , 904 343 5770


It’s not right that our citizens go to bed hungry. Which is why we work tirelessly with our partners to help people put food back on their table, today and tomorrow. 

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