Eligibility for Membership Any person of Igbo descent is eligible for membership of the American Veterans of Igbo Descent. Org. if such a person is still serving or has served in the Armed Forces of the United States and has been honorably discharged.

Any person who is not of Igbo descent, but who meets other requirements of Section I and is married to a person of Igbo descent is eligible for full membership of the American Veterans of lgbo Descent. Members may pay annually or bi-annually Single-$120 annually, bi-annually is $60. Married-$180 annually, bi-annually is $90... Make check payable to Avid.

Please return completed application and payment to : Avid Office: AVID P.O. Box 7561, Jacksonville, FL 32238. Or Email it to . Phone : 214 727 7762 , 904 343 5770. Email your completed application form to us directly at With Subject : ‘ Application for Membership ‘ Download Membership application form here :

PLEASE USE THE BUTTON BELOW TO PAY FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE ONLINE. Family annual membership fee is 180 Dollars while Single membership fee is 120 Dollars. Please Note : The fees are paid annually to retain your membership of AVIDUSA.

PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP HERE. Family is 180 Dollars, Single is 120 Dollars.


It’s not right that our citizens go to bed hungry. Which is why we work tirelessly with our partners to help people put food back on their table, today and tomorrow. 

You can also pay your dues and donations with Zelle using the information below:
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