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The Visual Case for Self-Determination and "Biafran Nation"

This must-see compilation of historical video snippets chronicles from 1956 until present day, the pith of Igbo self-determination and craving to secede from Nigeria. The compilation shows and tells of the incessant struggles of Southern Nigeria to overcome the negative stereotyping, tribalistic prejudices, religious bigotry, class discrimination, intellectual inferiority complex, and educational deficit that are exhibited and acted upon by Northern Nigeria. How can the North hold so much contempt for the South, but still want to hold on to it? If this is not enough basis for mutual dis-association and separation, what else is ? .

Excerpt  by Doc Chibby

Starvation of Thousands of Biafran Children in 1967 by
the Nigerian Government.

“Ozo Emena” (“Not Again”). Help us stop, in 2021, “Round Two” of the 1967-1970 Genocide by Starvation of millions of self-determination seeking Nigerian Igbos, especially the most vulnerable – the children (see attached photo from the Nigerian civil war). “Total Food Blockade” was a war tactic used in 1967, by the Nigerian government to stop Igbo secession. It is happening again, 51 years later, because of Igbo self-determination to get away from marginalization, discrimination, and religious bigotry. Once again, food and medical supplies are badly needed by the Igbos, as we speak. AVID, with your help, will not let the genocide happen again.

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It’s not right that our citizens go to bed hungry. Which is why we work tirelessly with our partners to help people put food back on their table, today and tomorrow. 

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